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Sep 15, 2011
Easy-Check-in introduces a unique new service at Frankfurt Airport: Assists check-in for elderly passengers, first-time flyers, travelers with children, and travelers with a lot of luggage
Getting through airport check-in at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 and 2 has just become considerably easier, especially for elderly passengers, travelers with children or a lot of luggage, and for first-time flyers who are not familiar with the check-in process – thanks to a new service, Easy-Check-in. More...

Sep 7, 2011
Haltermann GmbH: Promising Start Based on a Long Tradition
For more than a century, the Haltermann name has stood for specialty refinery products that are used in the automotive, pharma, cosmetic, printing, laboratory chemical, and electronics industry, as well as in plastics processing. More...

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When you are looking for a solution, you are interested in one thing only: the result. So are we. And just like our clients, we don’t like wasting time with unnecessary activities. That’s why colorful presentations in which we tell our clients in great length and detail what we do, are not our thing. We put our time into the product itself.

However, we do take our time to learn about the products and goals of our clients as if they were our own. Because what is true for chemistry applies also to all other areas: You must know the ingredients to produce a successful solution.

Our solutions have been successful – for 17 years and all over the world. Over time, we have grown. Today we offer not only public relations and marketing solutions, but also a comprehensive publication service, technology and product design on demand and IT, and network services for small companies with international presence.

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